Most USCIS applications will require that you take fingerprints, commonly referred to as the “Biometrics Appointment”. You will usually be notified within 15-20 days of your scheduled appointment.

Please note:
If you have applied for a green card renewal and your green card is going to expire soon, you may request USCIS to give you an “evidence of extension” sticker.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What do I need to bring to my appointment?
Bring your original notice that you received in the mail.
Bring a valid form of Identification.

How much will it cost?
There is no additional fee for this process, as the cost was included at the time of filing your application.

What if I am unable to attend my appointment?
If you can’t make the scheduled time and date, you may ask USCIS reschedule your appointment. Follow the instructions on the notice you receive.

Will they take blood or urine samples at this appointment?
This appointment is only to electronically capture your fingerprints and in some cases, take a picture of you.

USCIS will not collect urine or blood samples.